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Текст (слова) песни: Ice-T f Donald-D, Hen-Gee - Song The Syndicate

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Ice-T f Donald-D, Hen-Gee - Song The Syndicate

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[ Ice-T ]
Liquid, solid, gas - we`ll be kickin ass
In any form, or matter, or mass
(This ain`t science class) I know but it`s science
From the rhyme boss of the Syndicate alliance
( ? )
Rhyme Syndicate brotherhood, we rock a blood oath
Radical posse down to death
While your crew`s on the tape, Donald-D break

[ Donald-D ]
Syndicate comin through, I`m talkin to you
Flexin hardcore, what could you do?
When we roll up you send your girl up to the crib-o
Is it Rambo? No, the mic ammo
Stompin you down on the ground, task forces
Let you know Rhyme Syndicate bosses
Any show, any tour, we house program
Donald-D is who I am, damn

[ Hen-Gee ]
Atttempt to do this, boy, you`re takin a risk
Cause my voice sounds doper than a compact disc
Styles and lyrics ( ? ) in the pocket
Stupid dope beats and Evil E rocks it
( ? ) straight from my heart
My jam is sure to hit the top of the charts
Ram is my sign, he`s different from all kinds
Rock you all of the time, just form a single line

[ Ice-T ]
A lot of MC`s like to talk `bout they self
A first-grade topic, I think you need help
How many time on one album can you say you`re def?
"I`m baaaad" - Yo punk, save your breath
That`s weak shit from a weak mind
And a weak mind creates weak rhymes
You ain`t never kicked knowledge one time
Just livin on your own dick (that`s a crime)
Homeboy, why don`t you talk about somethin
You just talkin loud and sayin nothin
And if you get mad, sorry brother
And when you`re in LA, watch your colors

[ Donald-D ]
I`m a MD, but no medical doctor
Mic-Dominator Donald-D has got you
Comin to the jamboree to hear the poetry
And when you break north, the melody
Stick to your mind like paste, it can`t be erased
Face to face I overpower like bass
To the climax, I don`t carry a sax
I carry a axe to tax and wax those who rap

[ Hen-Gee ]
Born in Brooklyn, crib West Coast
MC`s I toast, you that talk most
Trash, noise, can`t throw, get with it
Comin from the mouth of Hen-Gee from the Syndicate
Ballers, mafia down to throw
Gangsters, convicts throwin solid blows
Start prayin, your sisters I`m layin
I`m Hen-Gee, a Spinmaster, hear what I`m sayin?

(Party on the dancefloor)

( *DJ Evil E cuts up* )
(Evil E`s in the place)
(Doggin the wax)

[ Hen-Gee ]
An organization, alliance, no duplication
Rhyme Syndicate, a strong creation
The Syndicate`s stronger day by day
12-gauge leave suckers brutally..
Layin in a ( ? )
Your lines are thin, Hen-Gee came to win
Don`t talk a bunch, just known to crunch
My one-two punch will put your butt out to lunch

[ Donald-D ]
Full-court pressure`s what I`m applyin
No relyin on the next man, roar like a lion
Flexin, plexin ultra, the Bronx is my culture
Strikin hard like a vulture
Flingin, I`m slingin my hammer like Thor
No singin, bringin it raw to the core
Shogun assassin maxin in a limousine
You stick your head in, out comes the guillotine

[ Ice-T ]
( ? ) the game as I kick it
Don`t miss it, get with it
Diss it, you`re a knucklehead evicted
From the crowd that`s proud to be the Syndicate connection
Respect mandatory, up is the direction
I stand alone, one man that`s true
But you, my crew, you`re on my side
We`re on a ride
Power and pride is our gift
And you`re down with
The Syndicate


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Получи текст песни

Ice-T f Donald-D, Hen-Gee - Song The Syndicate

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Ice-T f Donald-D, Hen-Gee - Song The Syndicate

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